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Wilson Australian Open Tennis Ball

Tennis Australia – Super 10’s arrives in Bendigo

Tennis Victoria is continuing to lead the way in tennis player development by introducing a new Super 10’s competition.

Super 10’s is a team based development competition facilitating team work, competitiveness and fair play. The challenge day was held on Saturday April 27th 2.00 – 4.00. 16 players were selected to form 4 teams of 4 players.

Each of the teams played each other over the four Saturday afternoons.

  • Round 1 – Saturday May 4th
  • Round 2 – Saturday May 11th
  • Round 3 – Saturday May 18th
  • Semi Finals – Saturday June 15th
  • Finals – Saturday June 22nd

Venue: Bendigo Bank Tennis Complex Nolan Street Bendigo. Match times are 2.00 – 4.00

Congratulations to Tiahna Leader, Sam Taylor and Corey Hogan who were selected to play in the Bendigo representative team which played in Melbourne at Dendy Park against Traralgon and Melbourne Super 10 teams.


Team Stosur

Tiahna Leader, Sam Taylor, Corey Hogan, Taine Lang
Team Manager – Stephen Storer.

Team Sharapova

Daphne Crossman, Thomas Ferguson, Kiefer Berryman, Eli Spiers
Team Manager – Andrew Crossman.

Team Djokovic

Hugo Kearney, Caleb Enders, Tatum Boyd, Joli Anderson
Tema Manager – Jamie Haynes.

Team Rafa

Ned Simpson, Tom Waterson, Chaise Dunstan, Lucas Hogan
Team Manager – David Starling

Team Managers

The Team Managers role is similar to a Federation Cup / Davis Cup team captains, where they may sit court side and offer support / encouragement during matches.

Each week awards will be handed out to players showcasing hard work, technical skills tactical awareness and sportsmanship.

Thanks to the team managers for their commitment to the Super 10’s competition.
Andrew Crossman from Echuca/Rich River, Jamie Haynes from Shepparton and David Starling form Kyabram. Also many thanks to Bernhard Goerlitz and Kris Kachel for the attendance on the first two sessions to support and implement the Super 10’s competition.

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