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Tennis Trip Of A Lifetime

Tennis trip of a lifetime to Tennis Plus Tennis Academy Southport Gold Coast

July 7th – July 12th 2013 – What a trip!!

We visited the Tennis Plus Tennis Academy in Southport Queensland.

It was awesome to be back at the Southport Tennis Complex. John Birrell and his professional team of coaches put into place an inspiring week of tennis. The weather was beautiful, and to train in the 20+ degrees was fantastic.

All the players enjoyed the intense week of tennis training, it launches the players into the 2013/4 summer of tennis in excellent form.

Congratulations to the following players who attended, the group built tremendous friendships it is a trip they will remember for many years to come. I personally would like to thank the players for being such an easy group to work with, the week was a huge success. I would also like to thank my son Sam and the host of parents that were there for the week to offer support.

The Team:

Jeremy Abel , Jordan Andrews, Adelaide Annand , Jayden Blencowe , Jack Cripps ,
Harry Everist , Nicholas Gattuso , Jordan Hicks , Ryan Leader , Danny Luciano , Hugh Miller Sam Oster , Will Pollard , Julius Pompei , Blake Reilly , Max Rowley , Tane Thomas, Matilda Walsh , Isaac Watson, Clayton Scott and Sam Storer Tennis Australia Junior Development Coach.

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