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The William Loud Pro Tour event attracts coaching identity

The Bendigo Tennis Squad had the opportunity of training with Australia Institute of Sport coach Ray Ruffels.

Ray played Davis Cup for Australia and reached a high singles ranking of 27. He also coach the successful Junior Australia Davis Team. Ray’s shared some very valuable insights and experiences with the squad player, his passion and professionalism were well received by all who attended.

Pictued below is Ray Rufells with Bendigo Tennis Squad coaches Stephen Storer and Curt Garwood.

Bendigo Tennis Squad trip to Shepparton Classic December 6th – 9th 2011

A team of 37 players attended the annual Shepparton Classic tennis tournament.It is an excellent experience for the players to play grass court tennis.The players learnt to adjust their styles of play to cater for the different surface. Moving upto the low bounce and pushing forward to the net to volley were key components in their development on this surface.The players that attended were, Jacoby Khoo , Sean Grabasch , Zach Williams , Ryan Leader Sam Simpson , Brian O’Donoghue , Brett McNamara , Isaac Harvey ,Mandi Bruce , Kimberley Egan , Mikayla Miller , Ellie Gladman , Madeleine and Stephanie Mein , Lani Hamilton ,Rashelle and Jayden Blencowe , Bronte and Will Pollard , Max Pearse , Jack Pitson Easton Smyth , Peter Rothacker , Riley Hocking , Ryan Brook , Jesse , Sam , Joey and James MacLeod , Luke Hall , Will Harrington , Jack Armstrong , Isaac Watson ,Zac Lethlean , Jayden Baber , and Zach Storer.

Shepparton Classic Tournament Results

  • Girls 18’s Singles Semi-Final Rashelle Blencowe
  • Girls 18’s Doubles winners Rashelle Blencowe and Lani Hamilton
  • Boys 18’s Singles Semi-Final Zach Storer
  • Boys 18’s Doubles Finalists Zach Storer and Jayden Baber
  • Girls 16’s Singles Finalist Ellie Gladman
  • Girls 16’s Singles Semi-Finalist Madeleine Mein / Mandi Bruce
  • Girls 16’s Doubles Finalist Stephanie and Madeleine Mein
  • Girls 16’s Doubles Semi-Finalists Mandi Bruce and Mikayla Miller
  • Girls 16’s Doubles Semi-Finalist Ellie Gladmann and Bronte Pollard
  • Boys 16’s Singles Semi-Finalists Zac Lethlean
  • Boys 16’s Doubles Finalist Jesse MacLeod and Ryan Brook
  • Boys 16’s Doubles Semi-Finalist Jacoby Khoo and Sean Grabasch
  • Boys 16’s Doubles Semi-Finalist Brett Mc Namara and Sam MacLeod
  • Boys 14’s Singles Finalist Zac Lethlean
  • Boys 14’s Doubles Finalist Isaac Watson and Zac Lethlean
  • Boys 14’s Doubles Semi-Finalist Ryan Leader and Easton Smyth
  • Boys 14’s Doubles Semi-Finalists Jayden Blencowe and ( Nick Gattuso)

Special mention to two of my close friends from Kerang,

  • Boys 12’s Singles Winner Logan Tuohey,
  • Boys 12’s Finalist Nicholas Pay
  • Boys Doubles 12’s Finalists Nicholas Pay and Logan Tuohey

Consolation Winners;

  • Boys 16’s and 18’s Singles winner Zach Williams
  • Girls 16’s and 18’s Singles winner Stephanie Mein

Congratulations to the entire squad of players,it was an excellent week of tennis. Special mention to all the parents who attended and assisted with supervision and transport.

Thanks heaps!

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